dr hab. Maciej Wiesner, prof. UAM

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Zainteresowania naukowe: 
  • Nanoelektronika
  • Rezonatory nanoelektromechaniczne
  • Transport elektronów na grafenie
  • Izolatory topologiczne
Wybrane publikacje: 
  • A. Fay, R. Danneau, J. K. Viljas, F. Wu, M. Y. Tomi, J. Wengler, M. Wiesner, P. J. Hakonen, Shot noise and conductivity at high bias in bilayer graphene: Signatures of electron-optical phonon coupling, Physical Review B 2011, 84, 245427.
  • J. K. Viljas, A. Fay, M. Wiesner, P. J. Hakonen Self-heating and nonlinear current-voltage characteristics in bilayer graphene, Physical Review B 2011, 83, 205421.
  • H. Alles, J. Aarik, A. Aidla, A. Fay, J. Kozlova, A. Niilisk, M. Pärs, M. Rähn, M. Wiesner, P. Hakonen, V. Sammelselg, Atomic layer deposition of HfO2 on graphene from HfCl4 and H2O, Central European Journal of Physics 2011, 9(2), 319-324.
  • M. Wiesner, Ferroelastic crystals and their nonlinear elastic properties observed in frequency range from gigahertz to milihertz, Phase Transitions 2009, 82(10), 699. 


Signatures of bright-to-dark exciton conversion in corrugated MoS2 monolayers

Applied Surface Science 2022, 600, 154078
M. Wiesner, R. H. Roberts, R. Ge, L. Mennel, T. Mueller, J.-F. Lin, D. Akinwande, J. Jenczyk

The effect of substrate and surface plasmons on symmetry breaking at the substrate interface of the topological insulator Bi2Te3

Scientific Reportsvolume, 2019, 9, 6147
M. Wiesner, R. H. Roberts, J. F. Lin, D. Akinwande, T. Hesjedal, L. B. Duffy, S. Wang, Y. Song, J. Jenczyk, S. Jurga, B. Mróz

Modelling of the cathodic and anodic photocurrents from Rhodobacter sphaeroides reaction centres immobilized on titanium dioxide

Photosynthesis Research, 2018, 1-12, Article in Press
R. Białek, D. J. K. Swainsbury, M. Wiesner, M. R. Jones, K. Gibasiewicz

The electron-phonon interaction at deep Bi 2 Te3-semiconductor interfaces from Brillouin light scattering

Scientific Reports 7, 2017, 16449
M. Wiesner, A. Trzaskowska, B. Mróz, S. Charpentier, S. Wang, Y. Song, F. Lombardi, P. Lucignano, G. Benedek, D. Campi, M. Bernasconi, F. Guinea, A. Tagliacozzo

Detection of graphene microelectromechanical system resonance

Journal of Applied Physics 2014, 116, 224510
M. Wiesner, N. Lindvall, A. Yurgens

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