Sucrose based cellular glassy carbon for biological applications

Rok publikacji: 2020
Wydawca:  Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2020, 239, 122033
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3D glassy carbon structures with different pore diameters were obtained by pyrolysis of the sucrose via sugar blowing technique. The porous-cellular foam structure was obtained by applying a blowing agent in the form of ammonium chloride before pyrolysis at 1100 °C under argon environment. Physical and biological properties of the carbons, synthesized by pyrolysis of the sucrose via sugar blowing technique, were studied. Three different foams with 1:3, 1:1 and 3:1 ratios of sucrose to ammonium chloride were tested. Structural, magnetic, electrical and biological properties of the samples were characterized. Finally, we used the 3D glassy carbon platforms to culture two human cell lines. Our results showed that human malignant neuronal and non-malignant cells were able to attach, migrate, spread and form cell networks within the pores of a 3D porous glassy carbon. The possibility of applying them as scaffolds for the cell growth and differentiation was investigated.

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