Perpendicularly magnetized Co20Fe60B20 layer sandwiched between Au with low Gilbert damping

Rok publikacji: 2017
Wydawca:  Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 2017, 29, 43
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P. Kuświk, H. Głowiński, L. E. Coy, J. Dubowik, F. Stobiecki
Nowadays, the CoFeB thin layered film is intensively studied because of its potential applications in spintronic devices, especially devices based on spin-transfer torque phenomena. Hitherto, it has been shown that CoFeB may possess perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) when it is sandwiched between different layers (e.g. MgO, Pt, Pd, Ta, W). However, there is no experimental evidence that CoFeB, sandwiched between Au layers, has strong PMA. Moreover, in comparison with other noble metals, Au-based film systems exhibit the smallest spin pumping effect, which provides the main contribution to the damping in thin films in contact with heavy metals. Therefore, Au/CoFeB/Au may be a good candidate for future applications, where perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and low damping are required. Here, we show that PMA and low damping can be achieved in a Au/CoFeB/Au system without annealing.

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