Local atomic configuration approach to the nonmonotonic concentration dependence of magnetic properties of Ni2Mn1+xZ1−x (Z = In,Sn,Sb) Heusler alloys

Rok publikacji: 2021
Wydawca:  Elsevier - Scripta Materialia
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K. Załęski, Marcus Ekholm, Björn Alling, Igor A. Abrikosov, Janusz Dubowik
The Ni2Mn1+xZ1−x Heusler alloys, where Z = In, Sn,Sb are attractive candidates for shape memory applications. The effect is directly related to their magnetic properties. We have studied these systems by ab-initio calculations and experiments, focusing on magnetic moments and exchange-bias fields. The calculations indicate that the composition dependence of the total magnetic moment is due to competing ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic alignment between Mn atoms on different sublattices and with different local environments. This phenomenon can also explain the composition dependence of the exchange-bias effect.

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