The Improvement of the Dissolution Rate of Ziprasidone Free Base from Solid Oral Formulations

Rok publikacji: 2015
Wydawca:  AAPS PharmSciTech, 2015, 16, 4, 922–933
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D. Zakowiecki, K. Cal, K. Kaminski, L. Swinder, E. Kaminska, G. Garbacz
This work aims at increasing solubility and dissolution rate of ziprasidone free base—Biopharmaceutics Classifaction System (BCS) class II compound. The authors describe a practical approach to amorphization and highlight problems that may occur during the development of formulations containing amorphous ziprasidone, which was obtained by grinding in high-energy planetary ball mills or cryogenic mills. The release of ziprasidone free base from the developed formulations was compared to the reference drug product containing crystalline ziprasidone hydrochloride—Zeldox® hard gelatin capsules. All preparations were investigated using compendial tests (USP apparatuses II and IV) as well as novel, biorelevant dissolution tests. The novel test methods simulate additional elements of mechanical and hydrodynamic stresses, which have an impact on solid oral dosage forms, especially during gastric emptying. This step may prove to be particularly important for many formulations of BCS class II drugs that are often characterized by narrow absorption window, such as ziprasidone. The dissolution rate of the developed ziprasidone free base preparations was found to be comparable or even higher than in the case of the reference formulation containing ziprasidone hydrochloride, whose water solubility is about 400 times higher than its free base.

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