Solar-assisted all-solid supercapacitors using composite nanostructures of ZnO nanowires with GO and rGO

Rok publikacji: 2022
Wydawca:  Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2022,10, 10748-10758
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C. T. Altaf, A. M. Rostas, M. Mihet, M. D. Lazar, I. Iatsunskyi, L. E. Coy, E. Erdem, M. Sankir, N. D. Sankir
Solar-powered energy storage using integrated photo-supercapacitor (PSC) systems is drawing significant attention as a potential solution for the current energy problems. This work intends to prepare a facile, efficient, and low-cost two-electrode configuration all-solid-state PSC having zinc oxide nanowire (ZnO NW) composites with graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) as a remedy for the complexity and high-cost of the present PSC devices. The specific capacitance (Cp) and energy density of the GO/ZnO NW-based PSC increased 3.2 and 1.9 (@56 mA g−1) times under UV illumination, respectively. Furthermore, the GO/ZnO NW-based PSC showed excellent stability for 5000 cycles with 100% capacitance retention and Coulombic efficiency. The superior performance and excellent stability due to the charge trap properties for the GO/ZnO NW-based PSC as compared to rGO/ZnO NW-based PSC have been confirmed using open circuit potential (VOC) and low-temperature electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy under UV on/off conditions. Hence, it has been concluded that GO/ZnO NW material and the proposed device configuration in this work are very favourable for future electronic applications.

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