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Raman spectroscopy indications of the Verwey transition in epitaxial Fe3O4(111) films on Pt(111) and Ru(0001)

Rok publikacji: 2015
Wydawca:  Surface and Coatings Technology 271 (2015), 87-91
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M. Lewandowski, B. Scheibe, T. Vasileiadis, N. Michalak, Z. Miłosz, R. Ranecki, S. Mielcarek, T. Luciński, S. Jurga
Temperature-dependent Raman spectroscopy was used for studying few-nanometers-thick epitaxial Fe3O4(111) films grown on Pt(111) and Ru(0001) single crystal supports. The changes in position, intensity and full width at half maximum of the magnetite's A1g peak, corresponding to symmetric stretching of oxygen atoms along Fe–O bonds, were monitored in temperatures ranging from 300 to 80 K. The results gave indications of the presence of the Verwey transition in magnetite films on both supports.

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