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PRELUDIUM 12: "Projektowanie i fabrykacja matryc o określonej topografii na bazie polimerów i nanostruktur węglowych do wzrostu i różnicowania neutralnych komórek macierzystych"
PRELUDIUM 12 “Novel nanocomposites based on nanosilicon/metal oxide (TiO2, ZnO) for efficient hydrogen production by photoelectrochemical water splitting”
OPUS 12 „ Self-organizing magnetite/silver nanoparticles: biomedical potential and microstructure analysis”
SONATA 12 "Właściwości transportowe grafenowych zaworów spinowych z kontaktami ze stopów Heuslera"
PO WER "Interdisciplinary PhD studies in nanotechnology"
HORIZON 2020 (RISE-2017) "Novel 1D photonic metal oxide nanostructures for early stage cancer detection"
SONATA BIS 6 "Cubosomes - liquid-crystal nanoparticles as a potential bioimaging systems"
LIDER "Synthesis and properties of new hybrid magnetic nanoparticles and their use as multi-purpose drug carriers in combined antineoplastic therapy"
HOMING "Phononic crystals for use in nano-devices controlling the flow of heat and sound"
SONATA 11 "Analysis of the magnetic interactions in the two- and three-dimensional graphene oxide structures"
SONATA 11 "Investigation of biophotonical and electrical properties for novel nanocomposites based on porous silicon - zinc oxide"
SONATA 11 "Liposomal "theranostic" systems used in magnetic resonance imaging and photodynamic therapy - in vitro studies"
PRELUDIUM 11: "Ultrathin FeO(111) films and islands on Ru(0001) as model catalysts for the CO to CO2 oxidation reaction"
PRELUDIUM 10 "Electron beam physical vapor deposition of Tin+1AlCn MAX phases thin films"
HORIZON 2020 "European infrastructure for spectroscopy, scattering and imaging of soft mater (EUSMI)"
PRELUDIUM 9 „Pulsed Laser Deposition of gadolinium molybdate (GMO) thin films - study of its mutiferroic properties”
PRELUDIUM 9 „Design, synthesis and analysis of electrospun materials based on biodegradable polymers as potential drug delivery systems for the treatment of vascular diseases”
OPUS 8 „Nitric oxide delivery system for biomedical applications”
OPUS 8 „Qantification of cancer tissue oxgenation measured with BOLD-MRI-calibration with oximetry EPRI”
OPUS 8 „Metal (Au,Fe,Co,Ni,Heusler alloys) and transition metal oxide nanostructures on epitaxial graphene: structure and properties”
SONATA 7 „New methods of modifying polydopamine for the synthesis of multimodal nanomaterials”
SONATA 7 „Fabrication and investigation of the structural properties of the MAX phases and MXenes structures on the example of titanium carbides obtained on carbon nanotubes”
OPUS 6 "Spatial organization of nanoparticles via polymeric self-assembling systems"
National Programme for the Development of Humanities "Cultural heritage – novel methods of historic and archeological wood preservation"
SoftComp NoE (Network of Excellence)

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