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      In response to the request of Vice-rector, Prof. Bogumiła Kaniewska, as a part of Adam Mickiewicz University’ initiative "Visible hand - AMU”, the NanoBioMedical Centre AMU provided personal protection equipment and disinfectants for the Departments of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care and Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Provincial Hospital in Poznań, Juraszów 7-19

    • Professor Stefan Jurga honored with the 20th anniversary of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University Statuette


      In the 20th anniversary of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, on December 9, Prof. dr hab. Stefan Jurga was honored with the "Towards a Man" statuette in thanks for the services to the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University. The title of the statuette refers to the commemorative book, which the community of the Academy of Catholic Theology gave to Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński on the 25th anniversary of his episcopal ordination.

    • New National Science Centre projects for the NanoBioMedical Centre


      The scientists of the NanoBioMedical Center will implement further projects of the National Science Center as part of the MINIATURE 3 project

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Phys. Rev. Applied, 2018, 10, 054072
L. E. Coy, I. Fina, K. Załęski, A. Krysztofik, L. Yate, L. Rodriguez, P. Graczyk, H. Głowiński, C. Ferrater, J. Dubowik, M. Varela

High-temperature Magnetodielectric Bi(Fe0.5Mn0.5)O3 Thin Films with Checkerboard-Ordered Oxygen Vacancies and Low Magnetic Damping

The possibility of affecting the magnetic properties of a material by dielectric means, and vice versa, remains an attractive perspective for modern electronics and spintronics. Here, we report on epitaxial Bi(Fe0.5Mn0.5)O3 thin films with exceptionally low Gilbert damping and magnetoelectric coupling above room temperature (<400 K). The ferromagnetic order, not observed in bulk, has been detected with a total magnetization of 0.44 μB/formula units with low Gilbert damping parameter (0.0034), both at room temperature. Additionally, a previously overlooked check-board ordering of oxygen vacancies is observed, providing insights on the magnetic and dielectric origin of the multifunctional properties of the films. Finally, intrinsic magnetodielectric behavior is observed as revealed by the variation of dielectric permittivity well above room temperature. These findings show the possibility of electric-field-controlled magnetic properties, in low Gilbert-damping-based spintronic devices, using single-phase multiferroic materials.
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