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      Further projects financed by the National Science Center will be implemented at the NanoBioMedical Center.

    • START scholarships


      We are happy to announce that Dr. Jagoda Litowczenko-Cybulska has been awarded the START Scholarship 2022 of the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) for the best young researchers in Poland. Additionally, we congratulate our employee, Dr. Eng. Artur Jędrzak, who received the START scholarship as part of a project submitted from the Poznań University of Technology.

    • Prof. Stefan Jurga has died


      We regret to inform you, that on March 15, 2022, Prof. Stefan Jurga has died. Rector of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in 1996 - 2002 and undersecretary, and secretary of state, in the Ministry of Education and Science as well as in Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in 2005-2007.

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Carbon, 2021, 176, Pages 327-338

Synthesis and characterization of electrochemically-oxidized amine-functionalized graphite framework materials

Facile electrochemical graphite oxidation and functionalization with a selected array of amine moieties are carried out. The electrochemical oxidation offers the ability to preserve graphite morphological characteristics as intact adjacent surfaces yield collective van der Waals interactions. The different amine moieties are used to tether adjacent layers within graphite oxide (GO) to produce rigid framework materials. This interconnectedness is of utmost necessity for the structures to withstand cyclability in adsorptive and electronic applications. Utilizing well-ordered electrochemically-derived graphite oxide could be advantageous for the development of large-flake-size intact graphite oxide frameworks compared to inherently defective chemically-derived graphite oxide. The produced materials are extensively characterized to understand the extent, nature, and chemistry of the amine functionalization within GO domains. A balanced aromaticity in the intercalating amine species is found favorable in order to achieve a homogeneous distribution throughout graphite flakes while enhancing the interlayer spacing. Herein, notably by applying HR-TEM methods, turbostratic domains are successfully resolved in frameworks with relatively high nitrogen abundance and obtained results corroborate with 13C MAS NMR findings plausibly. The tethering mechanism induces layers rotation/twisting, giving rise to pronounced Moiré patterns. The enhanced interlayer spacing in the frameworks makes them promising candidates for storage and electronic applications.
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