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About NBMC

NanoBioMedical Centre (NBMC) at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan is an interdisciplinary unit established by four Poznan universities, focused on research and training on both master and doctoral levels. The Centre has more than 40 high-performance instruments, worth over 30 million of Euros. The main goal of NBMC research activity is to stimulate the development of nanotechnology and its application in different research areas, especially in material science, biology and medicine, including novel nanomaterials and their applications to electronics, photovoltaic and biomedicine.

Our potential

  • laboratories with high-performance instruments
  • scientific staff with over 20 professors from Adam Mickiewicz University and partner Poznan universities and over 20 professionals (PhDs) in physics, biophysics, chemistry, biology, engineering and medicine
  • around 50 PhD students in nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • clean room „100” and „1000”
  • over 40 master projects realized in our laboratories
  • wide international and national collaboration
  • annual conferences and seminars

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