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Lanthanides and tissue engineering strategies for bone regeneration

Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2019, 388, 248-267
K. Wieszczycka, K. Staszak, M. Woźniak-Budych, S. Jurga

Understanding the Effect of Different Synthesis Conditions on the Physicochemical Properties of Mixed‐Ion Perovskite Solar Cells

WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim
B. Quere, K. Pydzińska-Białek, J. Karolczak, G. Nowaczyk, L. E. Coy, M. Ziolek

Antibacterial Mesoporous Titania Films with Embedded Gentamicin and Surface Modified with Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 to Promote Osseointegration in Bone Implants

Wiley Online Library
A. Escobar, N. Eduardo Muzzio, L. E. Coy, H. Liu, E. Bindini, P. Andreozzi, G. Wang, P. C. Angelomé, M. Grzelczak

When Art Meets Science

NanoBioMedical Centre at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, 2019, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2533342, ISBN: 978-83-950131-1-9

Potential of niobium-based thin films as a protective and osteogenic coating for dental implants: The role of the nonmetal elements

Materials Science and Engineering: C, 2019, 96, 166-175
Z. Xu, L. Yate, Y. Qiu, W. Aperador, L. E. Coy, B. Jiang, S. Moya, G. Wang, H. Pan

Copper nanoparticles synthesis in hybrid mesoporous thin films: Controlling oxidation state and catalytic performance through pore chemistry

Applied Surface Science, 2019, 471, 862-868
R. C. Rodríguez, L. Yate, L. E. Coy, Á.M. Martínez-Villacorta, A. V. Bordoni, S. Moya, P. C. Angelomé

Signals of diagnostic ions in the product ion spectra of [M − H]− ions of methoxylated flavonoids

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2019, 33, 1, 125-132
R. Frański, B. Gierczyk, T. Kozik, Ł. Popenda, M. Beszterda

Structures and properties of trifluoromethylphenylboronic acids

Journal of Molecular Structure, 2019, 1180, 237-243
J. T.Gozdalik, P. H. Marek, I. D.Madura, B. Gierczyk, Ł. Popenda, G. Schroeder, A. Adamczyk-Woźniak, A. Sporzyński

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