FIRST TEAM "Multifunctional ultrathin Fe(x)O(y), Fe(x)S(y) and Fe(x)N(y) films with unique electronic, catalytic and magnetic properties"

Supervisory institution: 
Foundation for Polish Science
Project manager: 
Dr. Mikołaj Lewandowski
1 991 890,00 PLN
Start date: 
36 months
Contract number: 
First TEAM/2016-2/14

The project concerns multifunctional catalytic-magnetic nanomaterials: ultrathin iron oxide Fe(x)O(y), iron sulfide Fe(x)S(y) and iron nitride Fe(x)N(y) films. Ultrathin films constitute a new class of 2-dimensional materials which, due to finite size effects, exhibit unique physical and chemical properties not observed for the corresponding bulk materials. The additional interaction of the film with the support on which it is grown may render the formation of superstructures and the appearance of charge transfer effects. For ultrathin iron oxide FeO films grown on Pt(111) all these resulted in superior catalytic activity in CO oxidation reaction and in interesting magnetic properties. Recently, the scientific attention was drawn also to 2D forms of sulfides and nitrides. The project aims in preparation of ultrathin iron oxide, iron sulfide and iron nitride films on various supports, their structural characterization, as well as determination of their physical and chemical properties.
The project is funded from the European Funds (Smart Growth) within the European Regional Development Fund.

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