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Projects ended

OPUS 16: "Novel nanomaterials for triple-punch therapy of liver cancer"
HORIZON 2020 "European infrastructure for spectroscopy, scattering and imaging of soft mater (EUSMI)"
OPUS 8 „Nitric oxide delivery system for biomedical applications”
OPUS 8 „Qantification of cancer tissue oxgenation measured with BOLD-MRI-calibration with oximetry EPRI”
OPUS 8 „Metal (Au,Fe,Co,Ni,Heusler alloys) and transition metal oxide nanostructures on epitaxial graphene: structure and properties”
OPUS 6 "Spatial organization of nanoparticles via polymeric self-assembling systems"
SONATA 7 „New methods of modifying polydopamine for the synthesis of multimodal nanomaterials”
SONATA 7 „Fabrication and investigation of the structural properties of the MAX phases and MXenes structures on the example of titanium carbides obtained on carbon nanotubes”
HOMING "Phononic crystals for use in nano-devices controlling the flow of heat and sound"
PRELUDIUM 12 "The influence of therapeutic components on contrasting efficiency of liposomal paramagnetic system in MRI"
PRELUDIUM 12 "Design and fabrication of matrices based on polymers and carbon nanostructures with specified topography for neural stem cells growth and differentiation"
PRELUDIUM 11 "Ultrathin FeO(111) films and islands on Ru(0001) as model catalysts for the CO to CO2 oxidation reaction"
PRELUDIUM 10 "Electron beam physical vapor deposition of Tin+1AlCn MAX phases thin films"
PRELUDIUM 9 „Pulsed Laser Deposition of gadolinium molybdate (GMO) thin films - study of its mutiferroic properties”
PRELUDIUM 9 „Design, synthesis and analysis of electrospun materials based on biodegradable polymers as potential drug delivery systems for the treatment of vascular diseases”
MINIATURA 3 "ZnO:Gd@MOF core-shell heterostructures as new potential biomarkers and contrast agents"
MINIATURA 3 "Preparation and characterization of SILP (supported ionic liquids phase) materials with potential sorption abilities"
MINIATURA 3 "Synthesis of mobile MOF materials"
MINIATURA 1 "Functionalization of graphene quantum dots with ligands specifically recognizing cancer cells"
National Programme for the Development of Humanities "Cultural heritage – novel methods of historic and archeological wood preservation"
Interuniversity NanoBioMedical Centre
"Nanomaterials and their application to biomedicine" (PBS1/A9/13/2012)
The PhD Programme in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Interdisciplinary PhD studies in nanoscience and nanotechnology
„Development of nanotechnology education at the Poznan University of Technology based on cooperation with the NanoBioMedical Center of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and Universita degli Studi di Trieste”
Interdisciplinary PhD studies in nantechnology - electronics and photovoltaics
SoftComp NoE (Network of Excellence)
ESMI, European Soft Matter Infrastructure
Magnetic Nanoparticles and Thin Films for Spintronic Applications and High Performance Permanent Magnets: NANOMAG
OPUS 3 "Motor learning using motion simulation"
SONATA 6 "Studies on optical and electrical properties of electrospun ceramic nanofibers and carbon nanotubes for designing sensors and biosensors"
IUVENTUS+ „ZnO/ZnS nanolayers for designing transistor based biosensors”
Electrophysiological study of cortical activity in binocular vision of humans

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