MINIATURA 3 "Preparation and characterization of SILP (supported ionic liquids phase) materials with potential sorption abilities"

Supervisory institution: 
National Science Center
Project manager: 
Dr. Eng. Roksana Markiewicz
48 400,00 PLN
Start date: 
12 months
Contract number: 

SILP materials refer to ionic liquids that are immobilized on various types of carriers (e.g. silica, magnetic nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, etc.). The synergistic action of ionic liquids and their carriers can cause a number of new properties while maintaining the advantages of both materials. Their potential was noticed mainly in catalysis, but their use is much wider. In the case of sorption on SILP materials, the literature so far indicates their use for sorption, among others CO2, volatile organic compounds, heavy metal ions, organic compounds (e.g. phenol derivatives), or desalination and desulphurization. The premise for using SILP as sorbents is primarily their affinity for the appropriate impurity (compound / material). The use of ionic liquids in various processes is often associated with their advantage over existing processes, but there are a number of drawbacks: high viscosity of all ILs (slow mass transport), or price (especially taking into account the entire life cycle - creation, use, recycling and / or disposal). The aim of the project is to obtain supported ionic liquid phase (SILP), to characterize them and to determine their sorption properties.

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