OPUS 8 „Nitric oxide delivery system for biomedical applications”

Supervisory institution: 
National Science Centre
Project manager: 
Prof. Adam Patkowski
851 157,00 PLN

The aim of this project is to develop new methods for nitric oxide delivery from biocompatible polymer nanostructures. By placing NO donors (a substance that in a controlled manner releases nitrogen oxide e.g. S-nitrosothiols, oximes) and modifying polymer nanoparticles, it is planned to obtain time and concentration dependent NO-releasing structures. Release of large amounts of nitric oxide in a selected cell, shortens its proliferation (cytostatic effect), while NO release over long periods of time can be used to achieve anti-inflammatory and/or antibacterial effects.

Nitric oxide is a chemical compound with many desirable properties: it is an effective antioxidant, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, or promotes anti-cancer therapy. Nitric oxide in the blood stream is rapidly disposed of by hemoglobin (150 - 500 μm from the onset). In view of such rapid NO conversion, it is necessary to use a suitable carrier. The key issue in the project is the modification and control of the NO release process to achieve one of two of the desired effects: 1) rapid and controlled release of NO (eg. release on demand by varios factors: pH or radiation), which can be used in anti-tumor therapy, or 2) slow and prolonged NO release used as a contributing factor in wound healing.

Research planned within this project will allow to obtain relevant data regarding the use of polymer nanoparticles for controlled NO release. The nanoparticles proposed in the project can be used in medicine for example in anti-cancer therapy, wound healing or as antimicrobial agents. Controlling the release of NO in the body can help treat diseases such as atherosclerosis, congestion or permanently increase the light of the blood vessels.

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