PRELUDIUM 10 "Electron beam physical vapor deposition of Tin+1AlCn MAX phases thin films"

Supervisory institution: 
National Science Centre
Project manager: 
M.Sc. Oleksandr Pshyk
120 200,00 PLN
Start date: 
36 months
Contract number: 

The aim of the project is the study of electron beam physical vapor deposition of Tin+1AlCn MAX phase thin films, optimization of the process and characterization their structural, mechanical, tribological, and physical properties. The following properties of thin films are considered as study subject (but not limiting to) structural and phase composition, element composition, stoichiometry, hardness, oxidation and wear resistance. Development of the basics of self-organization process of Ti-Al-C system to MAX phases during high-temperature treatment is on of the basic research objectives of this project that will lead to better understanding of MAX phases producing.

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