Dr. Marek Kempka

PhD in Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, 1986
Research interests: 
  • Molecular dynamics of condensed phase
  • Laplace spectroscopy in nuclear magnetic resonance diffusometry
Selected publications: 
  • N. Kuźnik, M. M. Tomczyk, S. Boncel, A. P. Herman, K. K. K. Koziol, M. Kempka, Fe3+ions anchored to Fe@O- MWCNTs as double impact T2 MRI contrast agents, Materials Letters 2014, 136, 34–36.
  • J. Hankiewicz, M. Kempka, D. Fiat, In vivo natural-abundance O-17/H-1 MRI of rhesus monkey brain with whole-body scanner and homebuilt multinuclear accessory, Applied Magnetic Resonance 2003, 24(3-4), 393-400.
  • E. R. Andrew, M. Kempka, Transverse gradient coil with circle current paths, Magnetic resonance materials in physics biology and medicine 1998, 7(1), 55-60.
  • T. Grochulski, L. Pszczolkowski, M. Kempka, Applicability of extended hydrodynamical model to dielectric-relaxation in simple polar liquids, Physical Review Letters 1992, 68(24),3635-3637.
  • M. Kempka, B. Peplinska, Z. Pajak, Anisotropy of translational diffusion in liquid alpha,omega-dibromoalkanes, Berichte der bunsen-gesellschaft-physical chemistry chemical physics 1988, 92(6), 686-689.


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