Dr. Eng. Angelika Mielcarek

Ph.D. in Material Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science, PSL Research University, Institut des Matériaux Poroux de Paris UMR 8004 CNRS-ENS-ESPCI and Institut Galien Paris-Sud - UMR CNRS 8612, Paris, France, 2020
Research interests: 
  • Synthesis, characterization and biofunctionalization of the nanomaterials and their applications in biomedicine
  • Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) nanoparticles used in biomedical applications
  • Applications of the nanomaterials as drug carriers
Selected publications: 
  • V. Pautu, H. Zhao, A. Mielcarek, A. Balasso, P. Couvreur, C. Serre, S. Mura, When drug nanocarriers miss their target: extracellular diffusion and cell uptake are not enough to be effective, Biomaterials Science, 2021, 9, 5407-5414
  • P. M. Perrigue, R. A. Murray, A. Mielcarek, A. Henschke, S. E. Moya, Degradation of Drug Delivery Nanocarriers and Payload Release: A Review of Physical Methods for Tracing Nanocarrier Biological Fate, Pharmaceutics, 2021, 13(6), 770
  • T. Simon-Yarza, A. Mielcarek, P. Couvreur, C. Serre, Nanoparticles of Metal-Organic Frameworks: On the Road to In Vivo Efficacy in Biomedicine, Advance Materials 2018, 1707365
  • T. Simon-Yarza, M. Griménez-Marqués, R. Mrimi, A. Mielcarek, R. Gref, P. Horcajada, C. Serre, P. Couvreur, A Smart Metal-Organic Framework Nanomaterial for Lung Targeting, Angewandte Chemie- International Edition 2017, 56, 15565-15569

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