Ultra-low damping in lift-off structured yttrium iron garnet thin films

Publish Year: 2017
Publisher:  Applied Physics Letters 111, 2017, 192404
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A. Krysztofik, L. E. Coy, P. Kuświk, K. Załęski, H. Głowiński, J. Dubowik
We show that using maskless photolithography and the lift-off technique, patterned yttrium iron garnet thin films possessing ultra-low Gilbert damping can be accomplished. The films of 70 nm thickness were grown on (001)-oriented gadolinium gallium garnet by means of pulsed laser deposition, and they exhibit high crystalline quality, low surface roughness, and the effective magnetization of 127 emu/cm3. The Gilbert damping parameter is as low as 5×104. The obtained structures have well-defined sharp edges which along with good structural and magnetic film properties pave a path in the fabrication of high-quality magnonic circuits and oxide-based spintronic devices.

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