Tuning of a hypersonic surface phononic band gap using a nanoscale two-dimensional lattice of pillars

Publish Year: 2012
Publisher:  Physical Review B, 2012, 86, 085426
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S. Mielcarek, A. Trzaskowska, J. Sarkar, P. Hakonen, B. Mróz
We present experimental and theoretical evidence of a phononic band gap in a hypersonic range for thermally activated surface acoustic waves in two-dimensional (2D) phononic crystals. Surface Brillouin light scattering experiments were performed on the (001) surface of silicon, loaded with a 2D square lattice of 100- or 150-nm-high aluminum pillars with a spacing of 500nm. The surface Brillouin light scattering spectra revealed a different type of surface mode, related to the modulation of the lattice structure and the mechanical eigenmodes of the pillars. The experimental data were in excellent agreement with theoretical calculations performed using the finite-element method.

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