Microstructure, phase composition and mechanical properties of novel nanocomposite (TiAlSiY)N and nano-scale (TiAlSiY)N/MoN multifunctional heterostructures

Publish Year: 2018
Publisher:  Surface and Coatings Technology Volume 350, 25 September 2018, Pages 376-390
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This paper reports on the deposition and characterization of (TiAlSiY)N nanocomposite and (TiAlSiY)N/MoN nano-scale multilayer coatings obtained by means of arc-PVD method. The investigation of structural-phase composition and mechanical properties is carried out by means of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), equipped with energy dispersive spectrum (EDS), High resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and nanoindentation. The microstructure of the (TiAlSiY)N nanocomposite coating shows preferential (111) growth of fcc-(Ti, Al)N grains. Multilayers coating of (TiAlSiY)N/MoN with a bilayer period of 10 nm was synthesized, showing that the fcc-MoN layer grows coherently with the fcc-(Ti,Al)N, due to the template effect of the latter, which results in a local cube on cube fcc(Ti,Al)N||fcc(MoN) epitaxial growth with (200) preferential orientation. The hardness, reduced elastic modulus, elastic strain prior to plastic deformation and resistance to plastic deformation of the nanocomposite (TiAlSiY)N coating are determined as 24.6 GPa, 243 GPa, ~0.09 and 0.29 GPa, respectively. The enhancement of the mechanical properties of the multilayer coating up to 38.37, 392.5 GPa, ~0.09 and 0.38 GPa is also observed.

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