Domain wall generated by graded interlayer coupling in Co/Pt/Co film with perpendicular anisotropy

Publish Year: 2015
Publisher:  APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 2015, 107, 012404
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M. Matczak, R. Schäfer, M. Urbaniak, B. Szymański, P. Kuświk, A. Jarosz, M. Schmidt, J. Aleksiejew, S. Jurga, F. Stobiecki
A magnetic multilayer of the structure substrate/Pt-15 nm/Co-0.8 nm/Pt-wedge(0-7 nm)/Co-0.6 nm/Pt-2 nm is characterized by perpendicular anisotropy of both Co layers. For a Pt spacer thickness tPt≤2.6nm, the magnetization reversal of the Co-layers occurs cooperatively, while for larger tPt, it occurs sequentially. The Co-layer with 0.6 nm thickness (CoS) is magnetically softer than the second one (CoH). In the 2.6≤tPt≤3.0nm range, there are significant changes of the switching field due to a strong gradient of the interlayer coupling. In this region, the magnetization reversal in the CoS layer takes place reversibly by the propagation of a single, straight domain wall. This specific nature of magnetization reversal is explained by a decelerated motion of the domain wall observed both for the direction corresponding to the increasing, as well as decreasing coupling energy.

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