Communication: Molecular-level description of constrained chain topologies in multiblock copolymer gel networks

Publish Year: 2018
Publisher:  J Chem Phys., 2018, 148(23):231101
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M. O. Tuhin, S. Woloszczuk, K. P. Mineart, M. A. Pasquinelli, D. Sadler, S. D. Smith, M. Banaszak, R. J. Spontak
Network characteristics in physical gels composed of solvated block copolymers varying in molecular design are examined here by dynamic rheology and computer simulations. In two triblock copolymer series, one with chain length (N) varied at constant copolymer composition (f) and the other with f varied at constant N, we discern the dependence of equilibrium network metrics on both N and f. Increasing the block number in a linear multiblock series at constant N and f escalates conformational complexity, which dominates network connectivity classified according to a midblock conformation index.

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