"Electrochemical control of chemical content and structure of GOF and RGO-metal composites to improve their capability to hydrogen sorption”. The project is implemented under the program OPUS 13 National Science Centre Poland.

The aim of this project is the development of new methods for obtaining graphite oxide (GO) based materials, with improved capability of hydrogen sorption towards energy storage applications. The project comprehends the synthesis of graphite oxide frameworks (GOF), graphite oxide intercalation compounds (GOIC) and reduced graphite oxide-metal composites (RGO-M). All of the aforementioned elements will have chemically overoxidized graphite as a starting material. The starting material will be synthesized by electrochemical oxidation of natural graphene. It is assumed that by controlling the synthesis conditions their electrochemical properties can be further controlled, which allows the creation of new structures and systems with a considerable increase of their hydrogen sorption capability.

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