Molecular and cytogenetic characterization of human albumin transgenic goat fibroblasts as a source of nuclei in somatic cloning

Rok publikacji: 2011
Wydawca:  Annals of Animal Science, 2011, 11(1), 61-70
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A. Woźniak, D. Lipiński, J. Zeyland, A. Nowak, K. Nuc, B. Rynska, Z. Smorag, R. Słomski
Production of biopharmaceuticals in the mammary gland of domestic animals constitutes an important field of research in contemporary biotechnology. The objective of our investigations was to obtain goat transgenic fibroblast cells transfected with the assistance of the human albumin gene (pWAPhAlb) by the lipofection method for the needs of somatic cloning and to determine their molecular and cytogenetic characteristics. Transfection was carried out on 24 lines of goat fibroblasts and 19 lines in which integration of the introduced DNA was confirmed on the molecular level (PCR) were obtained. The method effectiveness reached 80%. Karyotype analysis (trypsin digestion, Giemsa stain) failed to show any changes in the chromosome number and structure(2n = 60, XX).

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