Large anisotropic magnetoresistance in graphene-based junctions

Rok publikacji: 2013
Wydawca:  Physica Status Solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters, 2013, 7(11), 997-1000
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Electronic transport properties of graphene‐based junctions are considered theoretically in the linear response regime and in terms of the effective continuous electronic model. The junctions under consideration consist of two parts; one part is magnetic, while the other one is non‐magnetic but exhibits strong Rashba spin–orbit coupling. Transport properties of such junctions depend on relative orientation of the magnetization, graphene plane, and direction of charge current. A relatively large anisotropic magnetoresistance, associated with a change in the relative orientation of the magnetization and electric current has been found. This magnetoresistance can be either positive or negative.

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