Supervisory institution: 
National Science Center
Project manager: 
Dr. Oleksandr pshyk
813 845,00 PLN

The main aim of this project is a thorough and meticulous elaboration of high-entropy alloy ceramic (HEAC) thin films grown by means of a hybrid high-power pulsed and dc magnetron co-sputtering (HIPIMS/DCMS) technique and characterization of their structural features and functional properties. 
HEACs demonstrate unique functional properties when being stabilized as a single-phase solid solution, whose stability is highly dependent on the growth conditions, configuration entropy and mutual solubility of the principal elements. The stabilization mechanism of HEAs and HEACs remains the most controversial in the material science community, and a clearer understanding is required. The recently developed new hybrid deposition method at the Linköping University opens new opportunities in synthesis of HEAC thin films and is recognized as an ideal test platform for stabilization mechanism of HEACs due to its unique deposition process. Therefore, the understanding of stability and optimization of the growth of HEAC thin films by controlled, systematic studies is a direction for future research, which will allow discovering new material solutions with superior properties and performance. 

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