Prof. Stefan Jurga awarded with Homini Vere Academico Medal

10.12.2018 09:52
Professor Stefan Jurga was awarded with the Homini Vere Academico Medal. The distinction was given by the Rector of Adam Mickiewicz University, prof. Andrzej Lesicki on Monday, November 19.

- Certainly no one doubts that Professor Stefan Jurga fully deserves to be called a real man of the University - said the Rector during the ceremony. - His thoughts, words and actions have always been turned towards the Academy. Professor Stefan Jurga signed up in the history of Almae Matris in Poznań with golden letters. Let the Medal that Professor will receive today be a kind of acknowledgements  for sacrificial work for the University - said Prof. Lesicki.

- I was born under a happy star - stated prof. Jurga in his speech. - I met in my life people who contributed to this Medal: a part of their work, kindness, friendship, various activities, so that the University would develop well.
The Homini Vere Academico Medal is an expression of appreciation for impressive scientific and didactic achievements. It is awarded to a person "meeting all the criteria that can be set for a truly academic person".

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